I’m a travel-writing mum of three with a passion for photography and a relentless inclination to wander. This wandering has so taken us to many parts of the world already, formed the basis of a decent career in travel (hence a little at large – over always at large) but most importantly, an opportunity to bring my family along for the ride in a pursuit to collect lasting memories over fleeting things.

My family includes myself – Narelle, husband David, adult son Riley, teenage daughter Baylee and our littlest at large (and most spirited traveller by miles) – Tiah who is 5.

As coast dwelling, beach-loving Aussies we are naturally drawn to places that are girt by sea – so beaches, sunrises, sunsets, waves and the colour blue often inspire and underpin our wanderings. But our travels do take us everywhere and whether here or afar, travel is the rich and varied tapestry that shapes and inspires our family story – propelling us to visit over 30 countries so far. Our hope is that by sharing a little bit about what we know, plus some of the tips, tricks and occasional trip-up along our way – we may just inspire you to travel more too or start your own memory collecting journey – which I am sure you will agree, can be a pretty sweet ride.