Best Beach Spots For Little Beach Bums On The Gold Coast

November 28, 2017

Living on the Gold Coast, we are spoilt for choice with beautiful beaches dotted around every bend. From the calm, clear waters of our estuaries and creeks, to our pretty sheltered bays, there is something for every little beach bum to enjoy. And whether you have a first-time wader in tow or a wannabe wave rider, the Gold Coast is beach bum bliss – here are some of our personal favourite spots to dwell.

Tallebudgera (or Tally Creek if you want to say it like a local)

This little piece of paradise never disappoints, with crystalline waters, shallow sandy banks for frolicking and water temperatures that border on bath-like. Locals will have a preferred side of the creek, and reasons for each, but for us, we like the north side, which snakes around the base of the Burleigh National Park and is bordered by Pandanus palms, so there is always plenty of shade. If you are a first timer, best to go to the south side, as it is a patrolled beach with lifeguards on duty, but any side you choose, on low tide, you can cross over to see if the water really is bluer on the other side.

Currumbin Alley

Calm creek waters are perfect to try stand up paddle boarding, throw in a line, or as my little likes to do, chase seagulls through the shallows. As you head out to the mouth of the creek, there is a great curved bay with long, round waves that are perfect for learners, and you will also find a number of surf schools here offering a guaranteed stand up first lesson. If you have advanced kids in tow, Currumbin off the rocks is a thrilling way to get out on the break fast, but be warned, the surf can get pretty huge here so advanced only! And even if you don’t surf, flat rock is a great spot to sit and watch the pros at play, or take some wanderlust worthy snaps on sunrise or sunset.


Lagoon-like conditions make this a perfect spot for little’s, with rocks to scour, rock pools to explore and little waves to body board or surf. Kirra is a good year-round choice that is almost always on point in just about any weather. It always seems to have the clearest, bluest water on the coast and therefore is a perfect spot to take underwater pics of the kids ducking under waves, swimming like mermaids or mermen or if you have a go pro on hand with a dome, those awesome half under, half above shots that will take your holiday snaps to the next level. Another plus (well for my kids anyway) is an all you can eat Pizza Hut on the shore, which always goes down a treat after working up an appetite out on the waves.

Rainbow Bay

The name alone will draw you in, but it’s also a great spot for little’s to frolic on a protected stretch of beach that can often separate from the sea to form a warm lagoon that is equally enticing for little beach bebes as it is for mummies who prefer a good float over dodging waves. Similarly, around the two points that bookend the Gold Coast’s southernmost beach, you will find large rock pools that double as private wading pools, but get in early, as these are some of the most prized spots on the coast to score.

Got a favourite spot to share? Leave some comments for us to respond to – we are always looking for new beaches to visit!

And next time we will uncover some of our favourite spots in Northern New South Wales – a place we like to call our other backyard!


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